The Auto 1 Source Story

While operating multiple auto repair shops in Palm Beach County over the last 30 years, I asked myself…. “How can I make running this shop be less of a pain in the #%?” I needed a comprehensive solution to manage and keep track of everything.

  • The scheduling.
  • The billing.
  • The marketing.
  • The payroll.
  • The inventory.
  • All of it.

In 2010 I began working on an answer that would have to include;

  • Everyone – Shop owners, vehicle owners, parts vendors and mechanics
  • Quick and easy estimating and parts ordering
  • Simple, intuitive, at-a-glance interfaces
  • Integrated sales tax functions
  • Automated stock ordering
  • HR and payroll modules that employees can manage directly

Then we decided it should also have:

  • A proprietary parts and labor guide with low/average/high labor times
  • One-click parts search/ordering from all vendors on a single screen and a ton of other little things that make a big difference

Now, after more than ten years of development, and two years of testing and refining, we are proud to offer Auto1Source; the most comprehensive auto shop management software available. It helps you save time. It helps you make money. Best of all, it’s free to the auto repair shop owners, like me.

Bill Tyson

Founder, Auto1Source

Owner, Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair Centers